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How Banks Make Money

This article is about how Banks make money. Not how they earn money in any sort of honest way but how they make money out of Thin Air. You see, banks can lend out more money than they actually have.  They can lend out a LOT more money than they...

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Security Features in US Currency - Bill Counters Detect Counterfeits

Contents #1 Physical Size & Weight #2 3D Security Ribbon #3 Color Shifting Ink #4 Portrait watermark #5 Security Thread #6 Raised Printing #7 Micro-printing The Other Bills: Did you know? 40% of consumer transactions are still made with cash. Therefore, the probability of counterfeit bills ending up in your...

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A Brief History of Gold-Backed and Gold-Lacked US Currencies

We work hard for our money. We sacrifice our valuable time and effort. The strange thing is that money today grows on trees – in reality it is worth only the paper on which it is printed. Modern money is given value only by the concerted belief and faith of...

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