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How Do Money Counters Work?

Have you ever wondered if the fancy equipment used for note counting you see in banks, movies, and casinos are available to purchase?

If so, you are not alone. Anyone who has handled large sums of money has thought about ways to simplify the cash counting process.

The time spent counting cash and sorting the denominations is costly in and of itself. Therefore, it should be common sense to invest in a money counting machine, but many business owners hesitate because they do not understand the equipment or whether or not it is legal. If you are looking for all the details about owning a cash counting machine, you’ve come to the right place.

So, How Do Carnation Bill Counters Work?

The invention of the bill counter has made currency counting and recording easier for everyone.

The user simply places the stack of bills into the banknote counting machine. Then, the bill counting machine pulls each bill through individually at warp speed.

The machine recognizes both the number of times the internal beam of light is interrupted, as well as using pattern recognition software to count the denominations and provide a total for the stack of bills.

Additionally, many of today’s money counters identify counterfeit bills using different combinations of Ultraviolet (UV), Magnetic (MG), and Infrared (IR) counterfeit detection technologies. With these detection tools, it is easy to tell if the currency has the fluorescent symbols or brightening agents, which help to distinguish between legitimate currency and counterfeit bills.

While these symbols are hard for individuals to see on their own, the machines counterfeit detection tools prove to be effective for preventing fraud.

Plus, the best bill counters are even designed to count mixed denominations.

For instance, instead of having to sort and place single denominations in the bill counter, these machines allow you to place any assortment of bills in the machine. Using color image sensors (CIS), the machine scans each bill and identifies the denomination while also totaling the number of bills and amount for each denomination. Talk about a time-saver!

Why You Should Use a Carnation Machine

If your time matters, you should use a bill counter. If you own a business where currency is exchanged, you should use a money counter. If you are concerned about counterfeit bills, you should use a cash counter. It’s really that simple.

These currency machines are designed to make lives easier and work more efficient. Faster than you can say, “Show me the money!” a money counter can count, sort, straighter, stack, and check for counterfeit bills. For example, Carnation Enterprises has bill counters that fit a variety of budgets – all guaranteed to prevent you from wasting any more valuable time counting cash.

Are Money Counters Illegal?

While you may be tempted to think something that makes counting large sums of money fast and easy is illegal, you would be wrong. Money counters are perfectly legal. Money counters are used by banks, government agencies, as well as small businesses. As long as you are using a money counter for a legal business, then you are using a time-saving device that protects your business from fraud.


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