Welcome To Carnation

Carnation Enterprises is one of the most prominent manufacturers of currency counting machines in the world, and have been a trusted partner for currency counting and counterfeit detection machines for many companies from all around the world. Carnation stands behind every product it makes and gives a guarantee second to none.

Carnation offers several varieties of high-quality bill counters, coin sorters, and counterfeit detectors to meet your everyday need. Our bill counting machines save on human capital and reduce human error. They are accurate and have the capability of detecting counterfeit currency via several top-of-the-line technological methods, ensuring that you don’t have to go through the strenuous and time-consuming process of having to sort through your currency manually to check for fake, torn or unusable notes and currency.

Carnation counting machines will bring the ultimate convenience to the user. Most of our machines are portable and handy, allowing cashiers to carry them where they need to go. Carnation machines are compatible with multiple currency types and offer different modes for specific operations, such as functions like batch mode, free mode, check mode, stamp mode and other options to ease your day to day processes.

Is your business missing out on all the advantages that the Carnation counting and sorting machines have to offer? Then head on over to Our Shop to find the ideal fit for your business today!

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