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You Can Count on Us to Count Your Cash

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Carnation Covers it All

Whether you need a bill counter for occasional small volume use, or a high-speed, high-volume currency sorter, we have exactly what your business needs, regardless of size. 

Advanced Counterfeit Detection

Typical counterfeit detection methods invole multiple task, wasting valuable time.

Our state-of-the-art machines can instantly detect counterfeit money, indicating whether a note is fake, torn or unstable.

99.999% Accuracy Guaranteed

Our top devices have passed the tests of both Federal Reserve Bank and European Central Bank. Although no technology is ever error-free, ours comes close.

Easy to Use

Because all Carnation devices have an intuitive, plug-n-play interface , it will take 10 minutes or less to learn to operate.

We offer a lot of demonstration videos, and our tech support is ready to help via chat, e-mail or a toll-free phone number.

Over 60 Currencies

With over 60 currencies supported (and more being added upon request), Carnation devices are ready for your business worldwide.

Check if your currency is supported:

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