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Why Should SPAs Use Towel Warmer Cabinets?

A hot towel warmer cabinet is a necessity  for all spas. Hot towels are a great addition to an environment that needs to be as calming as possible, and they help to enhance the customer’s experience. Spa towel warmers are guaranteed to leave a great impression on customers and keep them coming back. Towel warmers may also be used in a variety of other  businesses and settings.

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These cabinets may be used to warm spa equipment such as towels and bathrobes, ensuring that they are toasty warm every time  you put them on. The towel warmer cabinet will also dry out any moisture  the towel may contain after use. This helps to reduce water usage and your number of laundry loads. The innovative drying technology used by towel warmer cabinets stops towels from giving off an unpleasant musty odor, greatly enhancing the spa experience.

Towel Warmer Cabinet

This type of cabinet not only  warms towels but can also function as a hot towel cabinet with UV sterilizer, helping to eliminate any bacteria that might be found on your towels. The cabinet utilizes UV sterilizer technology to effectively eradicate any germs, giving you peace of mind that the towels used by your customers are the cleanest that they can be. A towel warmer sterilizer comes in a variety of sizes and can accommodate as many or as few towels as your spa requires. Choose the one that has the correct towel capacity for your business. A hot towel cabinet is typically  square or cylindrical in design. Towels are inserted into the cabinet via the hinged door at the front of the machine. Power will be supplied using a power cord at the back. The cabinet is divided into sections by shelves, allowing you to place different items onto each shelf. Some models have a built-in timer that will alert you when your linen has reached the required temperature and is ready to be used by a customer.

Other towel warmers are comprised of racks and come in a couple of different options:

  1. Hydronic towel warmer - A hot water plumbing connection is required for this option as it utilizes water to heat the rack. This is a trickier option to install and is recommended  only   if you are remodeling your business premises. 
  2. Electric towel warmer - These towel warmers use an electric heating cable to warm up the towel rack. They do not have a complicated installation process and can be connected to standard power outlets in your spa. There are also sub-categories of electric towel warmers such as hardwired and plug-in ones. Hardwired towel warmers are far more aesthetically pleasing as unsightly wires are concealed behind the wall. However, as in the case of the hydronic towel warmer, this makes the installation process slightly trickier. Plug-in towel warmers are far easier to install as they only require a three-prong outlet, although there might be some wires on display. Towel warmers are growing quickly in popularity and this means that there is an ever-growing variety  on the market, suitable for every spa’s needs, aesthetic preferences, and budget, be it a cabinet or a rack.

A hot towel warmer is created with efficiency in mind and is well worth the cost to your spa. An alternative to keeping your spa towels warm would involve keeping the heating in the building on, causing your heating bills to skyrocket. The efficient nature of towel warmers means that they require minimal power and are a great investment for your business. Towel warmers can also offer some respite during the cold winter months by warming up your spa towels. Just pop your towels into the hot towel warmer sterilizer and your customers will enjoy a warm and cozy towel!



Its wires are hidden

A complex installation process that requires professional assistance

Does not use much energy

May need to reroute plumbing

It utilizes existing plumbing

The position of the warmer cannot be adjusted once it is installed

If damage occurs, the heating element may be replaced

It may only be used in conjunction with the boiler and radiator



Easy to plug in and use

Its wires are visible

Portable, if not floor or wall-mounted

An electrician is required to install hardwired models

Does not use much energy

The heating element cannot be replaced. The whole machine will have to be replaced if the element wears out

Heats up quickly

  1. Size - As mentioned, towel warmers come in a variety of sizes. Consider this and the size of your business before making a purchase.
  2. UV technology - It is known to effectively eliminate pathogens. If you want the peace of mind that comes with having UV technology built into your towel warmer, you will not have to look very far to find a variety of effective towel warmers with UV technology.
  3. Temperature capabilities - The temperature of your towels or linen will depend on the temperatures that your chosen towel warmer can reach. Choose a cabinet that can produce higher temperatures if you prefer warmer towels for your customers.
  4. The capacity of the cabinet - This depends on what you intend to use the towel warmer for. A mini towel warmer is ideal for home use, while a towel warmer cabinet is perfect for  business premises such as spas.

Towel warmer cabinets are growing in popularity, and for good reason, as they help to elevate the experience of customers at establishments such as spas, massage parlors, and restaurants. Towel warmer cabinets are available in a variety of different sizes and styles and have a host of benefits; when used for massage therapy heated towels help to  improve circulation and decrease cellulite and stretch marks. Warm towels are also able to treat parts of the body that would  otherwise be unable to handle the pressures of a traditional massage. Towel warmers are a welcome, and some would say necessary, addition to all spas.

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