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Cash Counting Machines For Churches

Which Cash Counting Machine is Best for My Church? 

Choosing a cash counting machine for your church can be tricky. We detail here the features that a cash counting machine can offer your church, parish or place of prayer to help you understand the benefits of having a cash counting machine. 

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Credit Card Chargebacks VS Cash Transactions

By Jonathan Khumalo   More and more people are using credit cards instead of cash payments but is this the right move? Is the payment you receive secured in your account? Not so fast. When someone pays you with a credit card they still have an option to raise a...

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The Customer Speaks

Recently, we asked an actual customer what he wanted from our website, and in fact, what he wanted from the bill counters we make. He said: “Just give me the right damn machine and don’t bother me with the details. And make me happy that I haven’t been ripped off....

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Contador de Cedulas para Brasil

Contadores de cedulas CARNATION são vendidos em todo o mundo. Todos os modelos podem ser vendidos varejo ou atacado. Em certas regiões oportunidades de distribuição estão disponíveis. Para aumentar a eficiência da sua gestão de caixa, tire partido das nossas modernas maquinas de contar billetes. Este dispositivo de última geração...

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Contadores de Billetes Para Mexico, Venezuela, y Colombia

Los contadores de billetes Carnation se venden en todo el mundo. Todos los modelos pueden ser vendidos al por menor y al por mayor. En ciertas regiones las oportunidades de la concesión están disponibles. Melhore sua gestão de dinheiro em espécie com nossas máquinas de contar billetes de última geração....

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Coin Capers

Coin Capers IN THE TRADITION of that great classic book, “101 Uses for a Dead Cat” [1] we present some interesting and unexpected alternate uses for pennies, nickels and dimes, and quarters. Alternate Use #1:  Door Retainer. How often have you been frustrated by a building exit door that won’t...

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