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Coin Counters

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Thermal POS Printer -Compatible With CR1500 and CR7 Counters Thermal POS Printer -Compatible With CR1500 and CR7 Counters Sale -40%
$299.99 $499.99
CS 313 Coin Counter Sale -14%
$1,295.00 $1,499.00
DTC 6 Coin Sorter - Counts and Sorts up to 600 Coins/Minute (US coins only) Sale -7%
$2,725.00 $2,925.00
Coin Counters Sale -5%
$1,857.00 $1,957.00
Coin Counters

Carnation coin counters are designed to streamline the challenging task of counting, sorting, and handling of large amounts of coins. Our line of coin counter sorter machines include solutions for all forms of businesses that deal with coins daily. Ranging from our portable coin counter and sorter to high-volume coin counter machines, all of Carnation’s products are high-tech and reliable.

Choose a coin counter machine to make your staff more productive, improve counting accuracy, and save time. You can make a change for the best when you choose Carnation coin counters. All of our coin counting and sorting machines are developed on modern money processing lines. They not only come equipped with the best features for counting and sorting coins but also reject damaged and unidentified coins. 

Even though all coin counters are designed to do the same functions of counting, sorting, and authenticating coins, how these machines work can be different. At Carnation Inc., accuracy and efficiency are two of our most crucial considerations when designing and manufacturing our coin sorter devices. 

The use of sensor technology, automatic rejections of foreign coins, a combination of an automatic and manual hopper with filling, high memory levels, pre-programmed stops, and automatic reverse function are some of the distinguishing features of our coin counter sorter machines. These technologies improve the counting accuracy, reliability, and efficiency of any coin sorter machine. 

Our counters can cater to the needs of all sorts of businesses that deal with coins or plastic tokens, including banks, retailers, vending operators, and amusement. Our products are so portable that you can carry and use them anywhere. All of our coin counters are built to CTcoin’s top quality and design standards. 

Carnation coin counters are equipped with many additional modern and useful features. These include the combo of touchscreen display and keypad for seamless operation. Other useful features include bag and tube holders, ports for SoftOne Intelligence and computer connectivity, and low sound level. 

You can rest assured that our heavy-duty coin-sorting machines with robust metal construction can serve your business for many years without any malfunctions. In short, Carnation has the perfect solution for your business if you deal with coins on a regular basis. 

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