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Why Cash Handling Is Important for the Retail Industry

Even in our increasingly-cashless world, cash handling is vital for retail businesses. Just because other methods of payment are becoming popular, there is no reason to think that cash will not remain an important and popular payment method for the foreseeable future.
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Cassida Bill Counters vs. Carnation Bill Counters

Now, obviously there’s some variation here. A bank is going to handle a lot more money than a church, for instance, but the church doesn’t have an army of people available to count it. Many churches are run by just a pastor, or a pastor with a couple of volunteers who help out once or twice a week. Spending half a morning counting stacks of $1 bills is a poor use of your resources.
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I need to count a lot of cash, what should I do?

You use a cash counting machine to count a lot of cash, if you want to do it quickly that is. High speed cash counting machines are reliable and affordable and will help you count your cash quickly and efficiently. They're also secure and private so you don't have to worry about anyone snooping around or trying to keep tabs on you.
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Do I need a cash counting Machine?

When you think of a cash counting machine, the first thing that comes to mind is probably your local bank. This makes sense, after all. Banks are literally in the business of handling money, so it’s only logical for them to automate a part of the process.
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Money Counting Machine Features: Explained

What are all of these features? 

Cash Counting Machines have loads of features. What do they all mean? We'll explain them here. 

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Bill Counters For Small Businesses

Cash Counting Machines For Small Businesses. Does my business need a money counting machine?
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