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Sterilizer Machines

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Disinfection Cabinet-570 Disinfection Cabinet-570
Disinfection Cabinet-300 Disinfection Cabinet-300
Multifunctional Towel Warmer and UV Sterilizer (19"x19"x16") Multifunctional Towel Warmer and UV Sterilizer (19"x19"x16")
Small UV Sterilizer H-23 Small UV Sterilizer H-23

The popularity of UV light sanitizers has grown significantly in recent years. This is largely due to their efficacy and the large variety of objects, surfaces, and areas that they can disinfect. It may be used as a towel sterilizer, money sanitizer machine, and for a wide range of other objects. The number of UV sanitizer products on the market continues to grow and this large offering also includes products such as the UV sterilizer cabinet. These cabinets utilize UV light to kill any germs and bacteria that may be lingering on the objects placed inside the disinfection cabinet. Advanced sterilizer machines have a triple impact approach - incorporating ozone sterilization, UV sterilization, and thermal sterilization.

A UV sterilizer makes use of ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI), a disinfection technique that uses short-wavelength ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and viruses by creating a hostile environment.

UV technology used in disinfection cabinets utilizes steam cleaning and moist heat, alongside UV radiation to ensure the eradication of any pathogens that may exist on the objects placed in the machine. This triple-action approach harnesses the power of UV technology to ensure satisfactory sterilization. Large capacity sterilizer machines are big enough to hold multiple products while sanitizing them effectively.

Depending on the specific model, sterilizer machines offer a wide range of additional features, such as:

  1. Effective disinfection for Covid-19 and other viruses/bacteria.
  2. Triple Impact sterilization - Ozone sterilization, UV sterilization, and Thermal sterilization
  3. 360° Ozone disinfection
  4. Temperature control
  5. Stainless steel lined sterilization chamber equipped with an electroplated frame that is strong and durable
  6. Touchscreen panel with independent control for upper cabinet and lower cabinet
  7. Large capacity, suitable for various occasions and products
  8. Safety door control mechanism – all functions disabled when the door is opened
  9. Tempered glass door
  10. Impact-resistant structure

How does a UV cabinet sterilizer work?

The sterilizer makes use of UV radiation technology, which has been proven to eliminate germs and bacteria. It also utilizes a steam sanitizer and ozone sterilization to sterilize any objects placed inside the cabinet. Controlled temperatures and door safety control mechanisms ensure that optimal conditions are maintained within the cabinet at all times.

What size UV sterilizer do I need?

Sterilizers come in a variety of different capacities. First, determine what you intend to use the sterilizer for and then do some research to decide which will be the right size for you. Certain sterilizers might have features that others do not.

Why is UV disinfection so expensive?

Advanced UV disinfection methods, such as sterilization cabinets, are designed to last the user many years. They are incorporated with features that will ensure the protection and sterilization of whatever objects are placed inside them. Purchasing a UV disinfection cabinet is an investment which will ensure that all of your items are free of any pathogens, whilst also using state of the art technology that will guarantee seamless user experience.

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