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Carnation Money Counting Machines FAQ

What currencies do Carnation Inc machines support?

Currencies of the following countries are currently available:

USD - US Dollar

MXN - Mexican Peso

EUR - Euro

CAD - Canadian Dollar

GBP - British Pound Sterling


 Latin America
ARS - Argentine Peso JMD - Jamaican Dollar 
BOB - Bolivian Boliviano VEF - Venezuelan Bolívar
BRL - Brazilian Real UYU - Uruguayan Peso
CLP - Chilean Peso SVC - Salvadoran Colón
COP - Colombian Peso PYG - Paraguayan Guaraní
CRC - Costa Rican Colón PEN - Peruvian Sol
CUP - Cuban Peso PAB - Panamanian Balboa
DOP - Dominican Peso NIO - Nicaraguan Córdoba
GTQ - Guatemalan Quetzal HNL - Honduran Lempira
BYN - Belarusian Ruble
CHF - Swiss Franc
CZK - Czech Koruna
DKK - Danish Krone
NOK - Norwegian Krone
RON - Romanian Leu


IRR - Iranian Rial
KZT - Kazakhstani Tenge
KGS - Kyrgyzstani Som
MMK - Myanmar Kyat
PHP - Philippine Peso
KRW - South Korean Won
LKR - Sri Lankan Rupee
TJS - Tajikistani Somoni
VND - Vietnamese Dong


AOA - Angolan Kwanza
EGP - Egyptian Pound
ETB - Ethiopian Birr
NGN - Nigerian Naira


 Middle East  Oceania:
AED - United Arab Emirates Dirham MOP - Macanese Pataca


Other currencies may be developed for a large order/dealer.


Can these money counters work with 220V?

Yes, all money counters, except CR2323, work with a range of 110-240V. CR2323 will require a small external voltage converter (costs $10), or has to be special ordered to work with 220V..

Do these money counters check for counterfeit banknotes during counting?

Yes, they do. Depending on the model, they utilize a combination of UV, MG, and IR counterfeit detection technologies..

Can this money counter count other currencies, such as Canadian dollar, Mexican peso, etc?

Yes, our money counters can count virtually any currency in the world, including polymer notes, such as Australian dollar, Mexican Peso, and some Singapore denominations.

What does Variable Batch Selection mean?

Variable batch selection means you can manually adjust the size of the batch that is being counted. For example, you can have the machine count out 20, 25, 31 e.t.c. bills at a time. It will stop each time it counts out the set number of bills. Once the stack is picked up from the holder, it will count out another batch., and will continue doing it until it goes through the whole stack

Can you send the machine first, and then invoice me? Can you send it COD?

No, with the exception of government agencies, and even then we much prefer payment upfront. It eliminates the need for a collection department.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship everywhere in the world, except Nigeria and Indonesia. We ship via USPS Priority, and shipping takes 7-40 days depending on your location. Most delays are caused by the delay at the customs, and not by shipping itself.

How much does it cost to ship to my country?

Shipping to any country never costs more than $95, and usually is around $79 for all countries outside USA and Canada. Please contact us for a detailed quote.

How fast do you ship?

We usually ship within 1 business day. In case of the delay, we notify our customers.

Why does it cost so much to ship my item to my State/Country?

Although it doesn't cost us the same to ship an item to Wisconsin as to California, and to Mexico as to Australia, we charge the same shipping for simplicity’s sake. This price includes not only shipping itself, but also insurance, additional packing (where applicable), and handling by our warehouse staff. All these things cost money.

I live nearby. Can I pick-up the machine(s)?

Yes, the machine(s) can be picked up at our warehouse in Itasca, Illinois. There’s a $15 handling fee. Please e-mail to make arrangements. You can pay prior to pick-up, or at the warehouse in certified funds.

Can I count objects similar in texture and size to money, such as tickets and coupons?

Yes. Among our customers there are ticket vendors and coupon-using merchants. Can I get a discount? Yes and no. For individual items the price is fixed and not negotiable. For multiple items, a significant shipping discount may be worked out.

Are these machines under warranty?

Yes, all machines are covered by a 1-year warranty.

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