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The Customer Speaks

The Customer Speaks

Recently, we asked an actual customer what he wanted from our website, and in fact, what he wanted from the bill counters we make.

He said:

“Just give me the right damn machine and don’t bother me with the details. And make me happy that I haven’t been ripped off. You better be in stock, and it better be easy to use. And never break down. I don’t have time for this nonsense and it isn’t fun. Thank you.”

It seems we caught him on a bad day! Nevertheless, we take his comments very seriously and we assume that his needs are typical of what our customer – you – actually want. If this “average” customer is not expressing what you want, or perhaps not all of what you want, please see the note[1] at the end of this blarticle[2] (blog-article).

So this is how we answered –

  • The right damn machine – All our machines are the right machines for their applications, but matching the machine to the person is a little more difficult. We have structured our product line to go up in steps of increasingly powerful features. Each step reduces the manual work needed to count banknotes, and increases the speed and accuracy. Inevitably, each step up also is a step up in price, although not always by the same amount. We tried to design our website to guide you smoothly to the appropriate cost-benefit tradeoff so you can quickly pick the right (damn) counter for your business. You could also send us the details of how you plan to use the counting machine, and we will contact you right away with the machine to use. Email/Live Chat/Phone – you choose.
  • Haven’t been ripped off – we use the latest electronics design and smart manufacturing to keep our prices competitive. But things move very fast these days. Feel free to browse for other prices, and if you did find a price-performance that was way better than ours, let us know[3]. We will try make an appropriate price “adjustment” if we can, in gratitude for you doing our market research. We constantly track the competition and upgrade and release new bill counters to keep Carnation products cost-competitive and industry-leading. Consider using a bill counting machine to enhance your cash handling efficiency.
  • We (almost) always have machines in stock. And if we don’t, we will get one specially shipped from our factory, fast.
  • Never break down – everything breaks down eventually, even people. But we do try to push the limits of the distance our machines can run without repair, and we back this with available stock of replacement parts and a fast, efficient repair service. All bill counters have diagnostic codes that let us determine possible issues in real-time. We know when the machine needs preventative maintenance, even before it starts to misbehave. That’s a good step towards “never breaks down”.
  • We don’t have time for nonsense either. That’s why we make your purchase “wham-bam-thank-you-mam”.
  • We do try very hard to make our website and blog articles are at least a little bit fun. Some people take objection and get mad at us. But, hey, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
  • Thank you, too.
  • And see you soon on our website. We help you to count your money, and we count on your money to help us, too.


[1] Please email your requirements/suggestions to us at info at carnation dash inc dot com  -  try keep the comments as polite and clean as possible. . .

[2] http://www.urbandictionary.com has a definition of “blarticle”

[3] Our contact detail for competitive price reports info at carnation - inc dot com

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