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Does Polymer Technology Make Plastic Banknotes Counterfeit-Proof?

The future is plastic. Click here to discover more about polymer technology and how plastic currency is changing the world of money.
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What are the cleverest scams you have come across?

Worried about falling victim to an online scam? Click here for a comprehensive list of common scams and how to identify them.
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Will a financial crisis increase the use of cash?

Cash or card? Click here to find out the pros and cons of cash when a financial crisis hits and tips on how to weather it.
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How Do Banks Dispose Of Damaged Currency?

Curious about what to do with torn money? Click here to find out what you should do if you encounter it and how banks handle this problem.
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How to Care for Your Cash Counters

Is your cash machine clean? If not, use this guide to know the benefits of caring for your money counter, methods to clean the device, and how often to do maintenance.
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Could I Accidentally Receive Fake Money From a Bank?

Have you ever received counterfeit money from a bank or ATM? This article discusses the likelihood of receiving fake money from a bank and what to do in such situations.
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