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A lot of cash to count

I need to count a lot of cash, what should I do?

You use a cash counting machine to count a lot of cash, if you want to do it quickly that is. High speed cash counting machines are reliable and affordable and will help you count your cash quickly and efficiently. They're also secure and private so you don't have to worry about anyone snooping around or trying to keep tabs on you. 


Or you can go to your nearest Staples or Walmart but we recommend Carnation to count your cash, because what goes into our products and our customers satisfaction and privacy is extremely important to us. 

Yes, of course you do. If you have enough cash to be asking the question you most likely need a cash counting machine. There are many sizes to choose from to fit everyone's needs. 

If you need to count a lot of cash but have low to medium volume the CR180 is perfect for you. (This machine is for people who need to count moderate amounts of cash daily). The CR2300 (The red one on the right) is also great for low to medium daily volume but has the added advantage of being bank grade.

Count a lot of cash machineBank grade cash counting machine

If you need to count cash on a big league level, you might want to jump to the next stage. The CR1500 is the Range Rover of cash counting machines and the 

Even if you're incredibly lazy and only have to count a small amount each day. The benefits of an affordable bill counting machine will pay you back many times over after just a few days of purchasing one. 

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