CR2300 Bank Grade Bill Cash Counter

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General Information CR2300 is one of the most popular money counting machines on the market. Complete with a full package of counterfeit detection functions - UV, MG, and IR, and an impressive stacker capacity of 400 banknotes....

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CR2300 is one of the most popular money counting machines on the market. Complete with a full package of counterfeit detection functions - UV, MG, and IR, and an impressive stacker capacity of 400 banknotes. It is also one of the most affordable cash counters and multi currency counters in it's class.

Another reason that the CR2300 cash counter is so well loved is it's reliability and efficiency features. Its modern interface and user-friendly design makes it the type of bill counter that contributes to the professional look of your work place, be it the sales counter or back office. The machine itself has been proven to streamline many accounting department lags and has optimized operations for thousands of back-offices increasing their workflow and fluidity. 

CR2300 bill counter Canada / USA - Works with Canadian Dollar, USD,  Euro, Mexican Peso, and most other currencies. Counting speed >1,000 banknotes per minute. This money counter has a BATCH and ADD functions, allowing counting out banknote batches of equal size, or conveniently adding consecutive batches of bills together. Please note: The CR2300 is a fantastic machine and one of our most popular cash counters, however it is not a value counter. 

This bill counter comes with a complimentary 1 year warranty. Money counter Canada / USA. Total Satisfaction or 100% Money Back Guarantee (see Return Policies for details).

Counting Speed: 1000 Bills / Minute
Feeder Capacity: 400-500 Bills
Carrier Capacity: 200 Bills
Display: 4 Digit LED for counting
5 Digit LED for ADD function
Power Supply: 100~240V AC. 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: <60W
Temperature: 32℉~104℉ (0℃~40℃)
Humidity: 40%~90%
Interface: RS232
Dimensions: 9.6”(L)X10.9”(W)X9.7”(H) (242mm(L)x276mm(W)x245mm(H))
Weight: 12.7 lb (5.8 kg)
Color: Deep red
Noise: <60dB  
Counting Bill Size: Length: 100mm~185mm,
Width: 50mm~80mm,
Thickness: 0.075mm~0.15mm.

Clients who benefit from the CR2300  have a need to regularly count cash, however on a smaller scale, if you're counting up to ten thousand dollars a day then this machine will definitely suffice. (Or ten thousands bills in any of our covered currencies most of which are covered). If your business uses a ton of cash you may want to look into the CR1500 or the CR7 which have higher capacity along with some more robust features. To note, many of our clients decide for themselves which machine they need based on their understanding of their business. If you'd like to speak with a customer representative for more clarification feel free to call us at 1-800-296-2779.

Carnation money counters, bill counters, cash counters and multi currency counters are used by a wide range of industries with a wide range of business sizes. As you can see from the below list, many of our clients span a wide range of industries. 

Our clientele includes churches, marijuana dispensaries, restaurants, wholesalers, fairs, police departments and other law enforcement, schools, credit unions, hospitals, casinos, convenient stores, gas stations, real estate companies (believe it or not), car dealerships, the US defense departments and defense contractors and others. 

If you are looking for a currency counter, or cash counter for any purpose be sure to check out our products page to find which machine is right for you. 


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