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How to Care for Your Cash Counters

How to Care for Your Cash Counters

A currency counter is the best solution for all your cash counting problems. It helps you become more competitive by making your employees more productive. A money counter will eliminate human error, counting your cash with 100 percent accuracy. Additionally, you can rest assured that the money counter will detect counterfeit bills and substantially reduce the risk of theft.

While money counters improve your business process, they can get dirty like all other devices. Dirty bills and dust in the air can easily get trapped inside the machine. The grime just doesn’t go away on its own but will build up with time if the machine is not cared for. Dust and debris can affect their efficiency and reduce their life expectancy, and/or result in frequent jamming and miscounts. A machine that is not taken care of is likely to reject bills and give false-positive counterfeit signals. 

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Given the risks presented by not caring for your cash machine, everyone should think about the device’s upkeep. For your currency counter to operate at its full potential and last many years, you should give it the attention and care it deserves. Read on to explore how you can achieve that and keep your cash machine clean. 

Ideally, it is a good idea to perform a detailed cleaning of your cash counter once a week. If you’re using it heavily, then cleaning the inside of the device twice a week is better. Besides, you must be sure to wipe your machine with a clean cloth after every use. This will help remove any dirt or debris carried inside the counter by soiled currency. Regular cleaning will also help remove any paper clips, pins, and rubber bands that may have accidentally made their way into the apparatus. 

The main sign your counting and sorting device needs cleaning is when it miscounts money or gives incorrect totals. Batch-backups, bill rejections, and erroneous counterfeit alerts are other signs the cash machine needs maintenance. Regular maintenance will prolong the device’s life and keep it operating at its full potential, without any errors. 

Here’re some useful tips to care for your cash machine:

  • Make sure your staff is aware of following the machine’s standard operating procedures.
  • Remove any staples, paper clips, rubber bands from the bills before putting them in the counter.
  • Turn off the counter when not in use. By doing so, you will increase its life span. 
  • Clean the feeder and output trays, stacker, and hopper with a clean, dry cloth. 
  • Cover up the machine when it is not in use to prevent dust and dirt from entering.
  • Use cleaning cards to remove debris, dirt, and residue from the sensors, rollers, and plates. 
  • Use compressed air to blow out dust from inside the machine. Read the user’s manual for cleaning directions. 

While the above tips can help prolong your machine’s life and improve its efficiency, there will come times when you’ll have to call the professionals for help. If your machine malfunctions, shows wrong totals, or gives false-positive counterfeit indications despite regular care, you should seek the assistance of an authorized technician.

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He/she will perform the required maintenance/ troubleshooting and change parts, if required, to fix the problem. Maintenance by a technician should be conducted 2-4 times a year, depending on the intensity of use.

Cleaning a counting and sorting machine may not be a fun activity, but it is vital to keeping your business up and running. A clean machine is more functional and efficient. It will improve your business productivity and save you money because caring for your currency counter means you’re protecting your investment. Use the tips provided above to care for your money counter.
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