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Church Money Counting Machine

Cash Counting Machines For Churches

  1. Church Cash Counting Machines: Where can I find a cash counter for my Church?
  2. Do I need a Cash Counting machine and why Churches Choose Carnation Bill Counters?
  3. What other considerations should you take into account when buying a Cash Counter for your Church.  

    We'll cover all of that and more in this article.  

    Money Counting Machine For Churches

    Yes if you’re a pastor or priest, you may have considered buying a cash counting machine for your church and you probably need one. After all, churches can often handle large amounts of money, of course automating the handling of that cash as much as possible, can save valuable time and keep the books organized and honest. 

    Carnation bill counters are extremely popular with Churches and Parishes but don't take our word for it, find out who your fellow clergy members rely on for their cash counting needs.

    Churches benefit immensely from money counting machines and are a basic investment of your parishioners’ money. If counting money by hand was effective or cheaper, businesses would still be doing it, and a church’s responsibility to its members is no different. The only reason a business makes any decision is to improve profitability, and clearly they think that a bill counting machine is a good investment.

    If your Church takes in donations weekly, a reliable entry-level bill counter can make things a whole lot more efficient.
    "We use the CR180 and it has made counting the offering and any other funds a breeze...we can't understand how we worked without it!" 

    -Carl, Baptist Church Clerk, CA and happy Carnation client 

    Here are a few of the ways a Carnation cash counting machine can save your parish money, and make your parishioners’ dollars go further.

      1. Ensure proper handling of the churches funds
      2. Quicker administrative functions 
      3. More reliable accounting numbers 
      4. Optimized organization in the office
      5. Less stress on the church clerk or church administrator 
      6. Adds a professional function and professional ENERGY to the environment 
      7. Saves a tremendous amount of time and stress
      8. Will help detect if heaven forbid counterfeit money somehow made its way in

      Look no further, Carnation has all of the money counting solutions your Church or Parish will ever need.

      (You don't have to go to Staples for your money counting machine, you can order one from the comfort of your home or office with full warranty and a satisfaction guarantee.)


      The CR180 is a favorite with hundreds of our clergy clients.


      Money Counters for Churches

      As the saying goes, time is money. If your parish has a paid administrator, you’re using valuable donations to pay this person. And if you’re paying them to spend their first hour on Monday counting up Sunday’s donations, you’re not paying them to use their time in a wise fashion. If you have a volunteer assistant of some kind, this may seem like less of an issue, but their time is still an asset. Do you really want them to spend it counting money?

      Worst yet is if you run a small parish where there’s no help to be had. Your time as a reverend is valuable. Sure, you could spend an hour or more each week counting donations, but there are only so many hours in the week. Between families who need counseling, sick people who need to be comforted, and parishioners struggling with challenging moral quandaries, counting money is near the bottom of your priorities.

      A cash counting machine can count hundreds of bills in a minute, freeing you up to do more important things.

      We’re in the business of counting money. It’s what we do! So we understand how frustrating it is to lose place when you’re making a count. If you’re stacking up a pile of $1 bills, it’s easy to lose track of whether you have $211 or $212… or was it $210? And once you’ve lost count, you have to restart the whole process. It’s enough to make even a priest or a pastor want to curse.

      Inaccurate counts can lead to inaccurate paperwork, which leads to all kinds of headaches. And if you keep some of your funds in cash instead of in the bank, you may even end up in legal trouble for an honest counting error.

      And this is before you factor the risk of confusing two similar bills. This is easy to do, particularly in countries where the bills are all similarly colored. For example, it’s distressingly easy to confuse an American $1 bill for a $10, or the other way around. You can count the number of bills 100 percent correctly and still make an error. Why take that kind of risk when a small investment can stop the problem before it begins?

      Many of our high-quality cash counting machines have a feature called “mixed value bill detection”. This is exactly what it sounds like; these machines have a built-in scanner that reads each bill as it runs through, registers the value, and adds it to your total count. This doesn’t just prevent you from making errors. It also saves more time, since you won’t have to pre-sort your bills by denomination.

      This feature also makes it easy to count unusual denominations. Never again will you experience a small panic attack just because somebody decided to donate a $2 bill.

      Check Out Our most popular Church Cash Counting Machines: 

      CR180 Cash Counter for Churches





      Some mid to high-end cash counting machines are designed to detect counterfeits. Now, to be clear, not every bill counter offers the same features. Many basic models only count the bills, and will only fail to read a bill if the counterfeit job is comically bad. That’s why our clients choose Carnation, from our entry level model all the way, Carnation cash machines offer counterfeit protection that is important for any organization, even a church or parish. 

      Our higher end currency counting models offer an added level of security with a built-in fake note detector. There are three different types of detectors, and each one has its own benefits and drawbacks. Let’s take a closer look.

      • Magnetic detection. This is the oldest method of determining whether a bill is legitimate. Most countries utilize magnetic ink for printing their currency. When this ink passes through the fake bill detector, the machine senses the magnetic field, and reads the bill as legitimate. These machines have been around a long while, and are generally reliable. However, older bills can become de-magnetized over time, so the machine may flag an older, genuine bill as a counterfeit.
      • Ultraviolet detection. This is a more advanced method of detection, and is used by many countries, including the US, the UK, and Canada. These countries’ bills are printed with special ink that glows when exposed to ultraviolet light, revealing stripes or watermarks that are otherwise invisible. This method is more effective, although some well-funded counterfeiters are able to replicate this ink.
      • Infrared detection.  Infrared detection is a more modern version of ultraviolet detection. It works the same way as ultraviolet detection, except the ink glows in infrared light instead of ultraviolet light. As of now, we haven’t heard of any counterfeiters who can defeat this measure.

      Now, we’re not suggesting that your parishioners would intentionally donate counterfeit bills. That would just be silly. After all, counterfeiters aren’t exactly known for being the kind of people who go to church on Sunday and put money in the tray.

      That said, there are many counterfeit bills in circulation, and many honest people inadvertently carry one from time to time. Counterfeiters are professional criminals whose entire enterprise is built around making fake bills. Against their skills, the average person doesn’t have a chance of spotting a fake.

      You’re the only person who knows whether your church or parish has had issues with counterfeit bills. If you have, it may be worth investing a few extra dollars in a machine with counterfeit detection.

      Carnation Counterfeit Detector

      Not too long ago, the mere fact that you were a pastor or a priest was enough to give you instant credibility, particularly in the eyes of your parishioners. Sadly, with the modern media’s ability to tell everyone in the world about the latest scandal, several church leaders have sustained criticism over how they’ve managed their parishioners’ donations. More so the fact that so many churches choose Carnation for their cash handling needs also helps. 

      When someone walks into your office and sees a cash counting machine, it gives them the immediate reassurance that you take financial management seriously. Forget about saving money. This goes to your image as a leader who is not merely a source of moral authority, but also a responsible steward of your position and the church’s assets. 

      Many parishes operate on a shoestring budget. This is understandable. Many Americans these days barely have enough money to support their families, much less finding a few extra dollars to support their church. You probably see a lot of singles and coins in your collection bin, and unless you’re in a wealthy area you’ve probably been concerned about finances from time to time.

      Banks charge fees for inaccurate deposits. And since bankers are likely to trust a man of the cloth, it’s possible they credit your account before actually counting the money. If it turns out that your count was off and you filled out the deposit slip wrong, you may end up being assessed an error fee, which can be painful if money is already tight.

      If this has been a problem for you in the past, you can rest assured the issue will rear its ugly head again. A Carnation currency counting machine will give you the right count every time, so you’ll never get hit with a surprise error fee again.

      It can definitely be categorized as an operating expense that’s no question, but the truth is a cash counting machine for a church is really a tremendous investment. Any time you decide to spend money for your church, it’s important to consider whether the cost is worth the benefit. If you host a bake sale, you want to spend less on supplies than you expect to earn from the sale. Similarly, if you’re going to invest in helping a homeless person, you want to ensure that they’re in a reliable program that will help them turn their life around. Otherwise, it’s a wasted effort, and their life will be no better off.

      The same principle applies when you’re purchasing a cash counting machine. Is it going to save you money in the long run? You know your parish’s finances better than we do, so you’re better equipped than we are to answer that question.

      That said, if you think a cash counting machine would be a good investment for your parish, Carnation proudly manufactures the best machines on the market. We also offer coin counters for quickly adding up the small change. Whatever your parish’s needs, we believe at least one of our machines will be ideal.

      We look forward to hearing from you! 

      Bill Counters For Your Church or Parish - Our Most Popular Models For Churches and Parishes

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