Coin Sorter DTC 6 - Counts and Sorts up to 600 Coins/Minute (US coins – Carnation Bill Money Counting Machines
Coin Sorter DTC 6
Carnation Enterprises

Coin Sorter DTC 6 - Counts and Sorts up to 600 Coins/Minute (US coins only)

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The latest DTC solution is designed to satisfy the market’s need for reliable and modern cash processing. It is a strong performer in sorting and counting, as well as in rejecting foreign and damaged coins. Through the unique sensor technology the solution offers outstanding accuracy, combined with reliable functions. Maximize the efficiency at the same time as you increase the accuracy, enabling you to focus on more profitable tasks. The solution has the latest features such as a touchscreen display and a keypad for easy operation. This, together with the proven sensor technology and the reliable construction, ensures years of operating excellence. The heavy duty coin sorter, built in strong metal, counts up to 600 coins per minute and sorts them into boxes. If two denominations are too close in diameter there is an option to install a second solenoid for optimal sorting. The coin sorter can be equipped with bag holders as well as coin tube holders. Besides counting and sorting coins into boxes, the unit features automatic rejection of foreign and damaged coins, as well as programmable batch stops. The coin sorter has hardware ports ready for computer and SoftOne interface for optimal connectivity. SoftOne Intelligence is the ultimate management platform for superior financial and operational control of cash handling solutions. This gives you the very most out of your new DTC solution.

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