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When choosing among banknote counters, please follow the following guidelines:

How much money are you counting?

Is the banknote counter intended for regular or occasional use? If the former, you would be better of going with a front loading banknote counter machine. If the latter, one of the rear loading banknote counting machines will do, especially if the volume of banknotes that needs to be counted is not high.

What about larger amounts of banknotes?

If at any given time you need to count a high number of banknotes (1000+), we recommend going with a front loading money counter. Front loading money counters are generally more reliable, and are easier to operate. That's why you will never see a rear loading money counter at a bank, for example.

Are your bills separated by denomination before counting?

Mixed bill counter is needed for businesses that don't separate the bills into denominations prior to counting. For such businesses, mixed denomination currency counting machines are real time savers. However, this comes at a price, since such cash counters cost more than those which only count notes. Read our guide on how money counters work here.

What about reliability?

Choose a supplier carefully to get good quality equipment and service:

  • Any money counter machine should come with at least 1 year warranty. All Carnation wall-powered money counting machines include one year parts and labor warranty.
  • For any money counting machine, the quality of the general customer service is usually indicative of the warranty service you are going to receive.

Keep these things in mind and please consider Carnation Enterprises for your banknote counters.

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