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Counterfeit Bill Detectors

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CRD12A Automatic Counterfeit Bill Detector with UV MG IR Detection - Bank Grade
CRD12 Fake Banknote Checker with UV Counterfeit Bill Detection
CRD12+ Counterfeit Bill Detector with UV and MG Counterfeit Detection

While looking for a counterfeit bill detector, you will come across many types and brands. But not all bill detectors are created equal. Carnation counterfeit bill detectors use modern technologies to protect your business from losses resulting from fake banknotes. Unlike many other brands on the market, our range of counterfeit money detectors is known for the lowest false-positive results. Our bill detecting machines can quickly identify all denominations of the US dollar, Euro, and Mexican peso.

You must choose a fake money checker that effectively senses banknote security features and quickly determines if a note is genuine or fake. Depending on the model, Carnation bill detectors use one or multiple counterfeit bill detection features. The most reliable, tested, and proven counterfeit detection technologies that our machines are armed with include UV light, infrared, and magnetic ink detection techniques. 

The use of multiple counterfeit bill detection technologies is what makes Carnation fake money checkers the number one choice of small, medium, and large businesses. The magnetic ink detection method uses magnetic sensors to determine the authenticity of a note. The sensors inspect the properties of the traces of magnetic ink placed on the bill during printing. If the magnetic ink is not present, the machine will flag the note as a fake.

Many of our counterfeit money detectors also use UV light to detect fake bills. The UV detector throws ultraviolet light on the notes to sense the typically invisible UV printed images and marks. If the UV marks don’t glow when subjected to UV light, it is a sign the note is not genuine. 

Some currencies around the world now also include infrared features that respond only to infrared light. Some of our counterfeit money detectors come equipped with this latest feature for effective bill authenticity determination. And the CRD12A has imaging technology to detect denomination. It compares the banknote to the images stored in the software.

Depending on your business needs and budget, you can choose a Carnation bill checker with a single inspection feature or one equipped with multiple detection technologies.

Businesses that deal with large amounts of cash experience huge losses due to fake money. That is why you should buy a reliable counterfeit bill checker to prevent the likely losses. Carnation’s counterfeit bill detectors are best for banks, restaurants, retail stores, grocery shops, and all other businesses that handle cash on a daily basis. Our bill detectors are so compact and portable they can fit anywhere at your workplace or business outlet.

On top of the surefire counterfeit detection features, some of our money detectors, such as the CRD12A, can detect the denominations of bills. Moreover, some of our other machines can be used to determine the authenticity of passports. Other features include the acceptance of a single or a series of bills and summing up of the final count. 

Buy one of Carnation counterfeit bill detectors now to stop fake banknotes from entering your business. We will replace the machine or return your money if you are not happy with the results within 30 days of making your purchase.

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