CRD12A Automatic Counterfeit Bill Detector with UV MG IR Detection - B – Carnation Bill Money Counting Machines
Carnation Bill Money Counting Machines

CRD12A Automatic Counterfeit Bill Detector with UV MG IR Detection - Bank Grade

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  • EARN, NOT LOSE, MONEY: Our Bill Detector stops counterfeit money at the door by authenticating any US dollar bill, Euro or Mexican peso.
  • UV LIGHT CAPTURES SECURITY FEATURES WITH INVISIBLE INK: Our counterfeit detector checks if a passport or bill is authentic with a pass or fail mark. US bills & other currencies use a security thread that glows visibly only under ultraviolet light.
  • MAGNETIC INK DETECTION WEEDS OUT FAKE MONEY: Insert any US dollar bill in our counterfeit machine & find out if it's legitimate when it's able to detect the iron oxide in ink used in real money.
  • INFRARED LIGHT: Carnation Bill Detectors have a built-in IR lamp that allows you to see invisible ink that either reflects or absorbs IR light, a feature that can't be seen on fake dollar bills.
  • ONE YEAR WARRANTY: In case you are not satisfied with the Money Detector, we offer a free replacement or refund within 30 days of purchase.

    Protect your business from bankruptcy and fraud with Carnation Bill Detectors

    When a business unknowingly receives counterfeit money, it loses not only cash but also the trust and confidence of its customers and suppliers.

    To prevent fake money from ruining your business, you need to block it where it enters. With the Carnation Bill Detector, you're able to detect and reject suspicious bills even before you accept them.

    Stop fraud in its tracks with our 3-Way Detection System

    Ultraviolet Light: Captures the embedded security thread that glows only under UV light. 

    Magnetic Ink: Detects iron oxide in ink used in real money. 

  • Infrared Detection: Detects invisible marks in ink that reflects or absorbs IR light.

    Recommended for banks, stores, restaurants, and other establishments that handle large amounts of cash. It also features:

      • Currency Selection: Recognizes multi-currencies including US Dollar, Euro, and Mexican Peso.
      • Bill Detection: Accepts single bills or a series of bills and adds up their total value.

      Authenticate any bill in  seconds and protect your business.

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