Coin Counter CS 313 – Carnation Bill Money Counting Machines
Coin Counter CS 313
Carnation Enterprises

Coin Counter CS 313

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With counting speeds up to 2,700 coins/minute, the SC 313 is a real time-saver. Reliable partners for banking, retail, amusement and other businesses that need to count, verify or bag coins or plastic tokens. The product is so compact that it will fit in wherever you need to use it. On SC 313 the tilting coin tray has been replaced with an automatic coin hopper. The remarkably higher hopper capacity makes SC 313 the ideal choice for larger volumes. Microprocessor controlled with non-volatile memoryf or storing all vital data – no battery backup required. • Three memory levels with a sub-total, grand total and a separate bag count memory. • Pre-programmed stops, up to 7 diffrent values, with manual override, from 1-10,999 and infinitely. • Easy to read six-digit green LED display.

Technical Specifiation

Width 260 mm/10.3” Depth 370 mm/14.6” Height 315 mm/12.4”                                Weight 11.6 kg/25.6 lb Voltage Power 55 W Speed up to 2,700 coins/min.             Diameter 14-34 mm/0.55-1.34” Thickness 1.0-3.4 mm/0.04-0.13”                              Hopper capacity 3,000 cc (3 litres)

Accessories and Options

CA 1 Coin adapter IH 1 Insert holder TI 1 Tubing inserts (for prefabricated coin tubes) BGS 1 Bag guide with shelf BG 1 Bag guide without shelf BA 3 Bagging attachment (for rejected coins) HE 1 Hopper extension kit

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